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Dropping Clangers is a Barn Dance band with a bright sound, it mixes new technology with tradition to create a big band sound with three to five people. We can cater for any size venue for your bop of the year!

Dropping Clangers are one of the most popular dance bands in South East England. They have built up a reputation for providing a good evening's entertainment and this is reflected by the number of repeat bookings. A large proportion of new bookings come from personal recommendations.

They play ail kinds of events such as weddings, birthdays, colleges, church socials, Scouts and Guides, and PTA's to name a few.

Barn Dances are firmly established as a fun way to get everyone joining in with the dancing and having a good time with superb musical accompaniment.

Dropping Clangers incorporate an experienced caller within a group of first class musicians and are able to entertain experienced and novice dancers alike making it both easy and fun for all.

Dropping Clangers play a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish and American music and have the repertoire and flexibility to provide music to suit. They can be hired as a two to five piece unit (including caller).